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Adam Rios, 19, - 4th of July accident, prosthetic eye, enucleation

Social media handles: @official_jacvkboy

Where are you from? Lynwood California

Where do you live now? Whittier California.

Adam after having his eye removed, waiting for the stitches to heal
Adam after having his eye removed

Tell us a little about yourself:

I was adopted in 2008 as I was taken straight to the state from the hospital. I belonged to the state as a foster child. I got adopted by my Biological sister named Heaven. I started to play football in 2009 and continued the athletic portion of my life, up until 2021. I had a head injury that almost made me lose my life. I then decided to enlist in the army and my deployment date was August 28th, 2022. But then…..

What’s your eye story?

What got me my eye story is I had both of my eyes for 18 years of my life. On the 4th of July, there was an accident where a firework had blown up and it had blown my right eye, my eyelid, my cheek, and my right hand! losing my eye had disqualified me from the US ARMY I had a total enucleation and needed a prosthetic eye. I have had 3 eye surgeries and many eye procedures.

What has been the most challenging mentally?

I think the most challenge mentally has been interacting with people and self-love. And being able to go out comfortably

What has been the most challenging physically?

Working and traveling and trying to do the normal daily things I used to. Where are you now in your recovery? With my recovery I am trying to recover mentally but physically I am doing so much better and after all my surgeries and procedures I can finally start the recovery process after 11 months after the tragic accident.

Adam now after recovering from the accident. Wearing his prosthetic eye
Adam now after recovering from the accident

What advice would you give to someone going through their eye impairment journey?

I would say, don’t think you are any different and any less. Many people also have 1 eye or worst none. Don’t feel embarrassed or feel like no one can help you. Many stories can help you get through the challenging beginning phases

Who are your eye surgeon and ocularist?

My eye surgeon is Dr. Steven C Dresner MD from LAC-USC and my ocularist is Rick Angeles from ocular prosthetics.

How did you find EYEHESIVE? I was trying to find someone who had the same injury as me but I couldn’t as I was scrolling I found Eyehesive and found Shelby she had just posted a quote and I fell in love with the one-eye gang!!

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