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After Life Altering Program



Every month

Valid until canceled

Monthly Membership


The AFTER Life Altering Program includes:

  • Immediate access to the AFTER Life Altering video modules. These videos are specifically designed to guide you step by step with total ease, to overcome, grow, gain more confidence, and have a process for living AFTER Life-Altering. (New videos added monthly) 

  • Access a community of supportive people who have also had a life-altering experience. All these rooms have so much power and inspiration.

  • LIVE coaching with me and solution-based conversations catered to your needs.

  • We meet 3 times a month for 1 hour each session over Zoom

  • Journaling prompts, meditations, and body movements to truly create your best life ever.

My right eye was removed after a snowboarding incident in 2021. At the time, I was  30 years old and this happened to be my second life-altering event.


Exactly 10 months prior to that incident I was on a journey to get sober. I was still in a sober living home and working a 12 step program through Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) when this happened not to me but for me. 


This was a long healing journey from the time of the incident to the time I was back on my feet.


On one of the days I was in bed, I couldn’t stop thinking about others who had also lost their eye, or been through a similar experience. 


I was fortunate to have such a supportive community through AA to help me through the healing of losing my eye. I couldn’t imagine doing this without the community and foundation that was already present.


Although my AA support system was incredibly sympathetic towards what had happened, they still weren’t able to truly relate to what I was going through.


I went to social media to find other individuals who had one eye. There were powerful stories out there, but I didn’t discover the close-knit community I was looking for so decided to create it myself to help bring us together. This community is called EYEHESIVE and it is the most beautiful & courageous community.


I’ve spent the last year coaching 1 on 1 with this community, hosting virtual conferences, and holding monthly virtual meet-ups. Part of me though can’t stop thinking about helping even more people.


This inspired me to create the AFTER Life Altering Program

People ask me all the time how I’ve overcome such life-altering events and not just overcome them but truly grown as a human. My life has changed completely since my incident through coaching, having transformations, and working with others in the community.


I have received everything I could ever imagine in life and more since doing this outreach! I need to share this experience with everyone. 

This program I've designed is for anyone who has been through a life-altering experience and is eager to grow further in the power of community.


How do I know this works? Because this is what I used for myself and it’s what I’ve used for my clients!


I used to be so concerned about what others thought of me with very little self-love and I internalized people's comments and stares.

Now I trust, believe, and love myself. It’s a feeling everyone deserves and it’s a feeling that continues to grow and evolve at new levels as you learn to accept yourself, your circumstances, and your story. Knowing this it’s so exciting to see where we’ll all be in 5 months, 5 years, and even 15 years


I used to have deep negative thought patterns of self-doubt, not being enough, experiencing lack, and focusing on pity about why this would happen to me. Now I have so much power in my own life, and my own results, and I get to use my story to help people every single day.

I used to feel like I was on a hamster wheel lost and confused doing the same thing day in and day out. When I got sober, and the incident occurred, I was at an all-time low that I felt like no one could relate to. I was in complete survival mode. Now I have purpose, fulfillment, and freedom to do all the things I truly enjoy by implementing simple tools into my life. 


I am combining all of my experience, coaching tools, and skills to transform lives through this one-of-a-kind program!


If you’ve experienced a life-altering event or if any of these feelings resonate with you and are seeking a solution to regain your confidence, power, self-love, and purpose — This is the program for you.


It doesn’t matter if you are just getting back up on your feet or you’re ready to level up.




What does Life-Altering mean?

“Having an effect that is strong enough to change someone’s life.” This can mean and look different in everyone's life. Nothing is considered  “too” small. However, for this membership, it means:

  • You have lost a body part or an ability to do something you once were able to. 

  • You have an element to your story either born with or occurred later in your life that the people you associate with daily aren’t able to fully relate to.

  • You were in an accident or incident that impacted your day-to-day life.

  • You’re a survivor and want to get out of survival mode and into living!

How do I know if this program is for ME?

  • You’ve had a life-altering experience

  • You’re ready to work on yourself

  • You’re open-minded, non-judgemental, ready to show up, and willing to add amazing benefits to your life  

  • You have a desire to meet others like you and be a support system for others. 

If you are connecting with all you’ve read so far and are curious if this program would be good for you - fill out this form - I would love to talk to you more about it.


Can I cancel my membership?

  • Yes! Payments auto-renew monthly - but you can cancel and rejoin at any time!

Do I have to attend the calls and watch all the videos?

  • You can use this membership however you see fit. You can solely use the video and not join the calls, or you can solely join the calls and not watch the videos. Your life will still change either way! For maximum results, we would love to have you on the calls. There is nothing more valuable than talking to other people who have experienced something similar.  If you’re not watching the videos and doing the work, then you’re missing out on a significant element of this program. Take it at your own pace, we are here to support however YOU need it.

What if I miss a call?

  • All the calls will be recorded and uploaded to the portal so you will be able to go back and watch the videos at your own pace. 

Is this therapy?

  • No, this program is designed to be used in conjunction with a licensed therapist, after therapy, or instead of therapy if you’re seeking a different solution. I am all about therapy and love therapy! But this is a program designed if you’re in a place to take action, have a community, and are ready to try something new and powerful for your life. - I am not a therapist, I am a life coach offering what has helped me and my clients. 


If this program sounds like a hell yes to you, sign up to be an inaugural member!

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