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1 on 1 coaching with Shelby

EYEHESIVE is working to create a list of resources for the visual impairment community. Here you will find a step-by-step video on what the prosthetic eye process looks like, where you can find an ocularist near you and book sessions with mentors that you connect with. 

If you are an ocularist and would like to be in our featured ocularist series, please email us at

Learn More About Prosthetic Eye Creation & Eye Removal Surgeries

Interview with Mohammad Dehabadi
Ocular Plastic Sur

During the interview with Mohammad, Eyehesive delves into the various aspects of having an eye removed, including the prevalent causes, age groups affected, and expectations before, during and after the surgery.

Find Mohammad on IG: @the_eye_dr 



The Blind Guide is focused on helping people thrive with vision loss. Ed Henkler's perspective is that of a caregiver who helped his Mom thrive after vision loss. Based on his career history, he is also passionate about creating more meaningful employment for people with disabilities, veterans, and military spouses.

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