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Jennifer, 30

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Instagram: @bloodyheidye

Jennifer right after eye surgery. Laying in a hospital bed. Wearing a white eye patch.
Jennifer right after eye surgery.

Where are you from?


Tell me about yourself:

I am passionate about psychology and personal development. I like to draw and am generally interested in all forms of art. I also enjoy video games and nature too.

What's your EYE story?

In May 2019, I was driving my car alone in the evening and had a car crash. The airbag hit my eye so violently that my eye was cut but I didn't know at the moment. I was taken to the hospital and the verdict fell. They tried to save my eye physically with 9 stitches but the vision was lost. Unfortunately, because of the shock, my eye became smaller and smaller. After one year, in 2020, I decided to remove it.

What has been the most challenging thing mentally?

I think loneliness. I lost many friends and nobody could understand except a one-eyed person. Then, the acceptance to never see again with both my eyes, and finally, the pain to see that my face has been changed forever.

Jennifer after her eye was removed. Sitting in her car taking a selfie, her hair is down and the sun is sunning. She is wearing a white shirt and a gold necklace.
Jennifer after her eye was removed.

What has been the most challenging thing physically?

Luckily I had no pain, just some difficulties seeing clearly, and seeing at night.

Where are you in your recovery?

Now after 3 years of being a one-eyed person, I see it as a new me. A better version, a stronger version. By losing an eye, now I see better. When life hits hard, there is an opportunity to become who you really are and slay the world but above all, to learn to love yourself even more.

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