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Sara, 32

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Sara, taking a selfie. Red top, medium length brown hair.

Where are you from? Italy

Where do you live now? Germany

Tell me about yourself:

I moved to Germany two years ago with my husband and our cat. I’m a language teacher. I love traveling and learning about different cultures.

What's your eye story?

I was born with a corneal anomaly called “bilateral corneal opacity” in both eyes. At the age of 2, I had my left eye removed due to a failed corneal transplant and I have been wearing a prosthetic eye ever since. I do have a little vision in my right eye though. I also have glaucoma and nystagmus.

What has been the most challenging thing mentally?

It is extremely hard for me when people think that I’m not able to do something or deny me access to things like job opportunities, based only on my visual impairment without even knowing me.

What has been the most challenging thing physically?

Having eyes that look different has been quite hard to accept, especially because as a child I was often made fun of.

Sara. Vision impairment journey. Taking a selfie, medium length brown hair sitting on a red couch.
Vision impairment journey

Where are you now in your recovery?

I have always seen this way and I’m extremely used to both the prosthetic and the low vision to the point that sometimes I don’t even remember that I’m visually impaired. Of course, I have low days too, but mostly I can say that I’m feeling good about who I am. I have learned how to normalize my individuality and don’t feel ashamed of my eyes. I live the best of my life because I strongly believe that everyone can do anything in their own way, despite any conditions they might have.

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