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2-Day Masterclass!


Feel *even* better in your mind, body, and when you look in the mirror every day 

Be unattached to *anything* validating your power 

You will learn exactly how to always be in your power, and live in complete freedom of who you are and what you want 

It’s time to finally stop cringing at photos of yourself 

It’s time to finally stop negative self-talk

It’s finally time to stop attaching your worthiness to anything outside of yourself (including your eye)


It’s time to finally stop doubting yourself

If you’re ready to go from fearing what other people think to knowing you’re the Beyoncé with one eye

If you’re ready to live in the space of always getting what you want but not attaching the results to who you are as a human

This masterclass is for you! 

*This masterclass is included in the One Eye Era Membership! 

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