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Bianca, 23 years old

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Where are you from?

Mcallen, TX

Where do you live now?

San Juan, TX

Bianca and her eye impairment journey. Wearing a cap and gown and a black eye patch.

Tell me about yourself:

I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in art. I will be looking for an apprenticeship with an ocularist in the near future. I want to help people who have gone through situations similar to mine while doing what I love.

What's your EYE story?

On July 19th, 2021, I was diagnosed with Choroidal Melanoma (eye cancer). There were too many downsides and permanent symptoms to radiation therapy as well as still having a 50% of losing my eye in the future so I decided to go through with the enucleation procedure in September 2021.

Bianca without her prosthetic eye in.
Bianca without her prosthetic eye in.

What has been the most challenging thing mentally?

I think dealing with my appearance has been the most draining mentally. I am very self-conscious about my eye and try to avoid eye contact with people, however, I am learning that this scar is nothing to be ashamed of and slowly getting comfortable.

What has been the most challenging thing physically?

Relearning how to do things I had no problem doing before like driving.

Where are you now in your recovery?

I am about 4ish months post-op and got my prosthetic last month. I will start my 6-month appointments soon.

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