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Shelby Perry, the visionary behind EYEHESIVE and the One-Eye Era membership! After a snowboarding incident in 2021 left her with the loss of her right eye, Shelby encountered the challenge of finding comprehensive resources to navigate her journey and the prosthetic process. Determined to fill this gap, she founded EYEHESIVE with one mission in mind: to provide top-tier individual coaching and a vibrant array of resources for our community.​


At EYEHESIVE and the One-Eye Era membership, we're all about empowerment, support, and fun! Our vibrant community is a melting pot of inspiring stories from individuals affected by visual impairment. Through our platform, we offer strength, solidarity, and a whole lot of hope. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and growth at EYEHESIVE and the One-Eye Era membership!

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The Eye-Powerment Program is designed to help individuals and their caregivers overcome and grow through the life-altering experience of vision loss. 

EYEHESIVE started as a platform to share my story and seek out others in the world who wanted to share their stories. Quickly, a community of people formed who were looking for a safe space of support. We literally see life in a completely different and unique way and sometimes it can be scary or difficult to find help, community, and resources. EYEHESIVE is working diligently to supply all of these things and more. Your donations are greatly appreciated and will help my dream of touching the lives of many people. The proceeds will go towards providing more resources and growing the community. Ultimately it will be helping individuals receive prosthetic eyes and other various eye surgeries. If you would like to donate and help us on our journey, please click the link below.

Community members with one eye


There is strength in numbers. We are on a mission to build resilience through our adversity. We are moving forward toward a positive future! Grow and rediscover connecting through the EYEHESIVE community. 


The desperate attempt to salvage my eye was unsuccessful... The hard truth to grasp was that I was powerless to the fact my vision and light sensitivity would be gone in my right eye forever.

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Incredible people challenging society's beauty standards and encouraging us to embrace our uniqueness.


"Tune in as I dive into Vision Loss with a guest on this week’s episode of Eye Am, a weekly podcast intended to guide individuals through the life of medical experiences and the journey of identity. At the end of the day, we are who we choose, believe, and become who we want to be!"

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