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The countdown is on! Tears, laughs, connections, knowledge, and insight for all ages living with a prosthetic or blind eye.

The Virtual EYE Connect Conference banner

The 3rd annual EYE-Connect Virtual Conference is on June 8th, 2024!

The San Diego Union-Tribune wrote an article about the conference! @sdutopinion

FAQ for the EYE-Connect Virtual Conference:


June 8th, 2024!

Start at:




Noon EST - 5 PM EST


Is there a promo code?

Yes, use Shelby at checkout to receive 33% off your ticket


Is the conference recorded if I can’t make it live or miss some of it?

Yes, the conference will be recorded and emailed to everyone who has purchased a ticket.


What can I expect at the conference?

  • Tears, laughs, connections, knowledge, and insight for all ages living with a prosthetic or blind eye.

  • A wealth of stories, inspiration, and personal development.

  • Four amazing keynote speakers from our community:

  • Christina: Ocularist

  • Mrs. Sunshine: Teacher and Influencer

  • Somer: Mother and Advocate

  • Vinny: Athlete

  • Four guest speakers from our community.

  • A speed meeting style small breakout room.

  • Giveaways.

  • Space for Q&A.  

The conference will last for 5 hours starting at 9 AM PST. Please check your local start time or reach out with any questions. Please log on 10 minutes before our start time so we can start on time! :)


Will there be breaks?

Yes, we will take two 10-minute breaks.


What should I do to prepare?

Download Zoom on your computer or iPad, and bring a notebook, pen, something to drink, and snacks. Join the Facebook group and share the “I’M IN” banner. - Once you are registered!


Oh and bring tissues!!


Is the schedule subject to change?

We will do our best to run on time and cover everything on our jam-packed, fun schedule. However, things may change, including the speaker lineup, only if an emergency exists. (Also, we will likely stay on longer than the 5 hours for the fun of it) :)


Is there a way to connect with everyone after the conference?

Yes, we have a private Facebook group, and sharing IG handles or contact information with each other is suggested.


We will also have a follow-up call on June 29th at 9 AM PST for all attendees. We did this last time and it was amazing to reconnect with everyone a few weeks later.


What if I am interested in sharing my story on a group level?

Please let me know if you’re interested in speaking at our follow-up call on June 29th.


If I am in the One-Eye Era membership, can I access the conference?

Yes, all One-Eye Era members have access to the conference.


If I already bought my ticket for the conference but want to join the membership.

You can apply your ticket purchase to your first month's payment inside the membership. Reach out for more details.


If I've joined a previous EYE-Connect Virtual Conference do I get a special rate?

Yes, alumni get a special rate, please reach out if you didn't receive your alumni link! :)


What is the Fun Eye Fund?

50% of the proceeds go towards the Fun Eye Fund, a nonprofit providing Artistic Prosthetics to the Monocular Community. Join us in making a difference!


Am I required to participate?

You can participate however you 'see' fit, but we encourage everyone to have their Zoom cameras on, ask questions in the chat and during the Q&A, share during the breakout rooms, and use our engagement hashtag in the chat #eyeconnect whenever you hear something that resonates with you!


Healing and growth come when we step out of our comfort zones, do things that scare us, meet new people, and share parts of ourselves with a supportive group of people who deeply understand.


Lastly, have fun!

This space is designed for you to show up as yourself, express yourself, have fun, and meet new amazing people in our community. We want everyone to enjoy their time, experience, and journey!


Use promo code Shelby to receive 33% off

Who are the speakers?

Christina King: Instagram

Credentials: B.C, B.C.O, B.A.D.O

Currently known for her “fun eyes”, Christina King is an Ocularist that resides in Portland, Oregon. She began her career in 2009, directly after graduating from the Art Institute in Philadelphia with a bachelor of Science in Industrial Design and Technology. While in Philadelphia, she worked closely with Will’s Eye Hospital, with Dr. Carol and Jerry Shield as well as Children’s Hospital Philadelphia, with Dr. James and William Katowitz. While working with Children’s Hospital, Christina specialized in working closely with children with microphthalmia.

She was the first to create 3D-printed ergonomic impression trays that helped many other ocularists with their fittings.

Currently, she is very passionate about working with @rachel.mackenzlee to raise money and create as many free fun eyes as possible or affordable as possible. @funeyefund

This nonprofit was created after seeing just how many other one-eye wearers were interested in fun eyes after seeing Rachel’s page, who either couldn’t afford a fun eye or who didn’t have an ocularist willing to create one in their area.

This specialty isn’t part of normal ocularists and goes above and beyond what is asked of an ocularist.

In addition to Ocularistry, Christina actively partakes in continuing education therapy courses to expand her knowledge and obtain proper handling of clients with PTSD, trauma-based, emotional, and support.

It’s one added interest that she uses in her career to make her clients feel more at ease.

Mrs. Sunshine: Instagram

She is a Special Education Teacher and Social Media Influencer from Los Angeles, California. Sunshine loves to show the beauty in being different by rocking unique prosthetic eyes in the classroom and on social media to normalize prosthetic eyes and promote body positivity.

She lost her left eye in a freak accident when she was 5 years old and remembers growing up feeling isolated and alone.

Her mission is to ensure no one feels alone in their monocular struggles, to be the representation she so desperately needed growing up, and to dismantle the idea that disabilities = always bad.

Somer Stanley: Instagram

is a dedicated military spouse, mother of two, advocate, and the CEO of her national organization. In January 2019, while stationed in Germany, her daughter Journey Rose was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer, prompting the family’s return to the U.S. for specialized care.

This period of intense medical challenges reinforced Somer’s commitment to support other families facing similar trials. She shares her family’s journey to help others recognize early signs of Retinoblastoma and provide a support network.

Today, Journey is a vibrant second grader who loves swimming, skating, and crafting, embracing life with joy and resilience.

Somer continues to advocate for awareness and support, drawing on her personal experiences to foster community and guidance for other families.

She’ll be speaking on raising a child with one eye, or a prosthetic eye with confidence & community.

Vinny Derubeis: Instagram

Vinny grew up in a close-knit Italian family in Connecticut. From a young age, he dreamed of playing professional baseball, a passion he shared with his best friend, Tony Socci. Vinny pursued this dream with unwavering dedication, and in his final season of college baseball at Lander University in South Carolina, he was having an outstanding year.

Halfway through the season, Vinny was leading the conference in hitting and started to gain recognition from professional scouts. He was in regular contact with them, bringing him closer to achieving his lifelong goal. As the season neared its end, Vinny was just three weeks away from potentially signing a professional contract.

However, during a midweek game, while up to bat, an inside fastball struck Vinny in his left eye, abruptly halting his promising trajectory. Despite this setback, Vinny’s resilience and determination never wavered.

Today, Vinny is proud to have achieved his dream. He is currently playing professional baseball continuing to live out his passion on the field.

Our Host Shelby Perry: Instagram

The visionary behind EYEHESIVE and the One-Eye Era membership!

After a snowboarding incident in 2021 left her with the loss of her right eye, Shelby encountered the challenge of finding comprehensive resources to navigate her journey and the prosthetic process.

Determined to fill this gap, she founded EYEHESIVE with one mission in mind: to provide top-tier individual coaching and a vibrant array of resources for our community.

​At EYEHESIVE and the One-Eye Era membership, we’re all about empowerment, support, and fun!

Our vibrant community is a melting pot of inspiring stories from individuals living with one eye.

Through our platform, we offer strength, solidarity, and a whole lot of hope.

Join us on this journey of self-discovery and growth!

Reach out with any questions :)

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