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Self-love, Laughter, Healing, and Fun!

Approximately 5 million individuals annually experience an eye injury, disease, genetic deformities, or ophthalmic tumors, leading to the loss of vision in one or both eyes. This can often result in difficulty with self-acceptance and connecting with others.

Social media, Zoom, and virtual spaces have become indispensable to our ability to come together as a community and support one another through the sharing of experiences, strength, and hope.

EYE CONNECT VIRTUAL CONFERENCE April 22nd, 2023. 8:00-11:30 AM PST. Blue background white lettering and a gold eye in the middle

OUR MISSION The goal of the Eye Connect Conferences is to establish a supportive and healing environment for those affected by visual impairment. By providing a safe and inclusive space, Eye Connect empowers individuals to authentically express themselves and connect with a community of peers.

Attendees of the conference will have the opportunity to hear from 4 notable speakers within the community. The conference will include a self-love workshop and a meditation session. Attendees will also receive a PDF workbook to use during and after the conference. The conference offers a chance to connect face-to-face and find connection, self-love, laughter, healing, and fun. Additionally, proceeds from the conference will be used to provide more resources for the community, including funding for prosthetic eyes and other eye surgeries.

Read the experience of the last EYE CONNECT VIRTUAL CONFERENCE that took place on October 8th, 2023.

THE EYE CONNECT VIRTUAL CONFERENCE... Is designed for individuals who have experienced:

  • Retinoblastoma, Ocular Melanoma, Glaucoma, or similar conditions

  • Trauma-related loss of an eye

  • Disease or infection resulting in the loss of sight in one or both eyes

  • Congenital eye issues such as underdeveloped or missing eye

  • Caregivers of children with eye prosthetics or those who have undergone eye removal surgery

  • Ocularists seeking to enhance emotional support for patients

  • Friends or family members of those who have gone through any of the above experiences and wish to support them in their journey.

Offers attendees the opportunity to learn about:

  • Strategies for overcoming obstacles and challenges associated with living with a prosthetic eye, as well as the importance of eye and vision health.

  • Techniques for addressing bullying and self-consciousness at any age

  • Methods for promoting self-love and self-acceptance

  • A workshop on self-love and healing

  • The process of prosthetic creation and tips for finding the right ocularist

  • Tips and tricks for staying motivated and pursuing goals despite visual impairment

  • The importance of building a supportive community and fostering connections with others.


April 22, 2023 8 AM - 11:30 AM PST

(Subject to change)

  • Opening Ceremony -15 minutes

  • Make sure everyone has a workbook

  • Grounding Meditation with Shelby - 5 minutes

Introduction to the first 2 speakers and what they will be talking about

Reciting a brief intro on each of them before they speak

  • SPEAKER 1 Genell (30 minutes)

  • SPEAKER 2 Erica (30 minutes)

  • Get up & Shake/Move - 5 minutes

  • Break out room session (20 minutes) Split into groups of caregivers, eye injury, disease, genetic deformities, or ophthalmic tumors.

  • Grounding Meditation (5 minutes)

  • Introductions of Speakers 3 and 6 and what they will be talking about.

Reciting a brief intro on each of them before they speak

  • SPEAKER 4 Rachel (30 minutes)

  • SPEAKER 5 Christina (30 minutes)

  • Break out room session (20 minutes) Split into different groups of 3 or 4.

    • Closing Ceremony (5 minutes)

    • Q & A - (20 minutes)


Meet the speakers of the spring



Genell is a trauma-informed International Father & Mother Wound Coach based in Sedona, AZ. The doctors believed the loss of her left eyesight must have been due to an infection from when she was in utero during her mother's pregnancy. Genell has been on a deep healing journey these past few years and is ready to bring more healing, self-love, and awareness to the collectiveness of those who are visually impaired as well! @genell.gorman


Dr. Erica Levinson earned her BS in Nutritional Science from the University of Florida before graduating from Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry in Ft Lauderdale, FL. As a retinoblastoma survivor, she always knew she wanted to pursue a career in eye care. With the combination of her personal experience and her education, she has a lot of knowledge to share. She is excited to get more involved in the Eyehesive community. @ericawithonei


Rachel Mackenzlee is a business owner and Social Media Influencer from Portland, Oregon. Rachel wears a “Fun Eye” to show the world that different is beautiful and to open the conversation about having one eye and bridge the gap between the monocular community and the rest of the world. Her mission is to set an example of self-love and the importance of being unapologetically YOU. Rachel is the Co-founder of the “Fun Eye Fund” a fundraiser that helps one-eyed individuals have access to creative eyes in order to celebrate our differences and aid in the healing process. @rachel.mackenzlee


Credentials: B.C, B.C.O, B.A.D.O

Currently known for her “fun eyes”, Christina King is an Ocularist that resides in Portland, Oregon. She began her career in 2009, directly after graduating from the Art Institute in Philadelphia with a bachelor of science in Industrial Design and Technology. While in Philadelphia, she worked closely with Will’s Eye Hospital, with Dr. Carol and Jerry Shield as well Children’s Hospital Philadelphia, with Dr. James and William Katowitz. While working with Children’s Hospital, Christina specialized in working closely with children with microphthalmia.

She was the first to create 3D-printed ergonomic impression trays that helped many other ocularists with their own fittings.

Currently, she is very passionate about working with Rachel MacKenzlee to raise money and create as many free fun eyes as possible or affordable as possible. This fundraiser was created after seeing just how many other one-eye wearers were interested in fun eyes after seeing Rachel’s page, who either couldn’t afford a fun eye or who didn’t have an ocularist willing to create one in their area. This specialty isn’t part of normal ocularists and goes above and beyond what is asked of an ocularist.

In addition to Ocularistry, Christina actively partakes in continuing education therapy courses to expand her knowledge and obtain proper handling of clients with PTSD, trauma-based, emotional, and support. It’s one added interest that she uses in her career to make her clients feel more at ease. @centerforocularprosthetics




Shelby Perry is the founder and creator of EYEHESIVE. Following a snowboarding incident in 2021 that resulted in the loss of her right eye, Shelby found it difficult to locate a comprehensive resource to help her navigate the journey of losing her eye and the prosthetic process. With EYEHESIVE, her goal is to produce high-performance adhesive eye patches for all and provide a community that offers a wide range of resources for support. The community's core mission is to share the stories of inspiring individuals affected by visual impairment and to offer them a sense of strength, support, and hope through @eyehesive.

EYE Connect Virtual Conference ticket- $75.00


EYE Connect Virtual Conference ticket + White One Eye Gang Shirt - $89.00

Use promo code: ‘Shelby’ to receive $10 off either ticket.

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