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Imani Mickel, 25 - Eye injury, Enucleation, Ruptured Globe

Social media handles: Instagram: @manibagg___

Where are you from and currently living? Newark, NJ

Tell us a little about yourself:

I enjoy caring for babies and watching them grow up, I’m a self-employed babysitter.

What’s your eye story?

Imani Mickel, standing in from of the door, not wearing a prosthetic eye.
Imani Mickel

When I was 17, I was stabbed in my eye with a key by someone I was cool with. The key ruptured my globe which caused me to have an enucleation of my left eye and replace it with a prosthetic eye.

What has been the most challenging mentally?

Interacting with people and self-love has been very challenging for me since the assault. I hate myself sometimes and it mentally breaks me down.

What has been the most challenging physically?

Working and traveling alone has been the most challenging

Where are you now in your recovery?

Now with my recovery, I’m still trying to heal mentally but I no longer have self-hate for the way I look, but the mental disorders that came after the assault are still being worked on. I have some up days and some down days, but with therapy hopefully, I can recover fully.

Imani Mickel standing on the front porch not wearing a prosthetic eye.
Imani Mickel

What advice would you give to someone going through their eye impairment journey?

Some advice I would give someone going through their eye impairment is we aren’t the only ones dealing with this and once you realize that you’ll feel much better and never be afraid or embarrassed to get help mentally it’ll make you feel more confident

Who are your eye surgeon and ocularist?

My eye surgeon is Dr. Roger Turbin and my ocularist is Dr. Hank Freunds

How did you find EYEHESIVE?

Instagram one of my close friends referred me to your Instagram page for moral support and I love it, Imani Mickel

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